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February Message from Tom

 | Published on 2/1/2016
                          Happy Valentine’s Day! President’s Message
Hello Dear Friends,  Hey, maybe if everyone wore RED to our February Meeting, that could be our theme! Remember, we are giving a prize to whoever brings the best food item.
About 1/3 of our 96 members of 2015 have not renewed their membership for 2016. If you haven’t and that is your intent, then we wish you farewell. We were happy to have shared your friendship and we’re sorry to see you go. This will be your final newsletter, but we hope that you will carry the spirit and philosophy of Friendship Force wherever you go. If that was NOT your intent, then you MUST pay your dues to Paula Traber by February 1st , in order to be included in our 2016 Membership Directory.
Our 2016 Membership Directories should be available at our February 20th General Meeting.
I was just reviewing our 2016 budget and our cash flow is negative, (mostly due to the afore mentioned reduction in membership dues payments). So to be fiscally responsible, I have some ideas for some fun little Fundraisers. My feeling is, if it isn’t fun – we won’t do it! So I will be the first (hopefully not the only) one to VOLUNTARILY put $1 into our “Tip Jar”, for NOT wearing my name tag at our General Meeting last month! See page 3 for my next Fundraising Initiative.