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Thank You For Your Help!

 | Published on 11/1/2016

When I signed on as the ED for the Northern Colorado Exchange, I had some concerns as it was my first ED experience. It became apparent that, in spite of a recent exchange, the commitment of the club remained strong. Our visitors’ comments were nearly unanimous in their praise of the exchange. Those who shared their homes did a great job of making our guests feel at home. Those who acted as day hosts also did a fine job. The “free” activities at the Zoo, Mission, Midway and the Bahama Bend clubhouse were made possible by our generous club members. I send them a heartfelt thank you. I also acknowledge and thank those who arranged the Coronado Walk and the farewell dinners as well as the friendship dinner hosts. Special thanks for the exchange booklet creator, the financial manager, and the photographer. Thirty three of our club members participated in this exchange. A special thank you to my wife who hosted and hoisted me during the exchange. If there is anyone i forgot, my deepest apologies.


Andy Alongi

-- Andy Alongi, Exchange Director